In India, if you want to drive legally, a valid driving licence is mandatory for driving a vehicle on public roads. In India, the driving licence is issued by the Regional Transport Authority or Regional Transport office. The driving licence in India permits a vehicle owner to drive his/her vehicle on public roads. Driving without a licence is considered a punishable offense and if caught without licence then you are required to pay the fine for the same. Thus, you should always apply for a driving licence and obtain your licence before going out to drive on the roads. You can easily apply online and even track your driving licence application status online nowadays.

Eligibility for a driving licence in India

The eligibility requirement for a driving licence to be carried in India is as follows:

1.  Vehicle without gear

The candidate or applicant must be at least 16 years of age or above and must have a parent consent or guardian if the applicant is below the age of 18 years.

2.  Vehicle with gear

The applicant must have the minimum age of 18 years or above only then he/she can apply for a driving licence. It covers mostly Four-wheelers.

3.  Heavy transport or Commercial vehicles

The applicant must have the minimum age of 18 or 20 years (depending upon the state) and must have completed at least the 8th standard.

4.  General requirement

The applicant must have valid address and age proof documents and be familiar with the traffic rules and regulations.

You should always make sure to adhere to these eligibility requirements before you apply for your driving licence and track your driving licence application status. To get more information about checking application status and its comprehensive knowledge you can check out

Things to be kept in mind while applying for a driving licence

When you apply for a driving licence in India, you should always keep in mind a few things that are:

●    Age criteria

Before applying for a licence you must ensure that your age criteria are fulfilled. One cannot apply if the age criteria and the vehicle criteria do not match.

●    Book appointment

For applying for a driving licence you need to book an appointment for the slot of date and time of giving the test. The appointment can be booked by you itself through an online form or you can also take the help of the agents. While applying online you must check whether all the documents are submitted properly or not and make sure that you have proper internet connectivity while paying the online fees so that the transaction does not get duplicated. You can always track your driving licence application status online conveniently as well.

●    Proper Documentation

When you apply for a driving licence, you must have all the documents required for the application process. Documents such as Age Proof, Permanent and Current address proof, Photographs, Application form, fees receipt, etc are the basic documents while applying for a licence.

●    Application form and fee receipt

After the application process is over, the application form and fee receipt must be kept properly along with their copies. These documents are very much necessary for the further application process and for tracking driving licence application status. 

●    RTO approved vehicle with legal documents

Make sure that before applying for a driving licence, the applicant’s vehicle must be RTO approved and should consist of all the legal documents regarding the vehicle.

●    Learner’s licence

Before applying for the permanent driving licence it is necessary to have a learners licence with the applicant. The learner’s licence has a validity of 6 months, so the applicant has a maximum of 6 months to polish his driving skills.

●    Applying for the permanent licence

As you clear the driving test, the permanent driving licence will be delivered to your home itself through a courier. At each step, you can check your driving licence application status online after you have applied for it.