Do you know the difference between CNC machining center (เครื่อง CNC machining center, which is a term in Thai) and CNC mill? Well. Don’t worry! Here is the key differentiation between them.

The CNC machining center includes all the functions of the mills. Each machining tool has its benefits and limitations. An automatic tool changer (ATC) takes the space in the machining center, while this function is not included in the mill machines.

What Is CNC Machining Center?

CNC Machining Centers are an advanced form of milling machines. These machining centers can exchange machine tools instinctively. For instance, machining centers in automobile industries grind and drill the engine parts and create dies for the components of the body. The rapid development of the machining center took place in China. Therefore, there is an immense use of these machining centers to process mobile phone cases.

What Is CNC Milling?

CNC milling is the machining process that enables computer controls and several multipoint cutting tools to eliminate materials from the work and offer a customizable product. This process is ideal for a vast range of materials like glass, plastic, wood, and metal. It provides precise and accurate production rates. The milling process starts with the creation of 2D or 3D CAD designs or patterns. 

Distinction Between CNC Machining Center And Cnc Milling

Let’s Look At The Difference Between These Two Types Of Machining Tools:

  • Spindle Power And Speed

The spindle power of the machining center is relatively large than the milling machines except for the stainless steel. The speed of the machining center is generally 36000 rpm, and the power can go up to tens of kilowatts. On the other hand, the minimum power of milling machines 60000 rpm or 1.2 kW, especially for glass milling machines.

  • Cutting Amount

The machining center has a large cutting capacity. Thus, you can use it both for roughing and heavy cutting. Moreover, you can use it for mold processing. On the contrary, the milling machines are a little inferior to the machining center as far as the cutting amount is concerned. It is suitable for delicate parts processing and finishing machining with great precision.

  • Application Range

The machining center contains vast mold and has a regular mold opening. It is thus used to harden the comparison materials. On the other hand, milling machines are used for finishing materials like copper, graphite, ceramics, and many more.