As you all know, Quillbot is a paraphrasing tool that also provides summarising benefits and grammar checker services. 

Since anybody can use this tool, it becomes quite confusing to some about using it. 

The new beginners of content writers, students, or anybody needs to understand how to take advantage of this tool. 

Since it has been ranked on the top by the Quillbot reviews, you should be aware of its services. 

Therefore, check out this page until the end to have all the information you are looking for. 

Why do you need a paraphrasing tool? 

Once you have come across information that you want to make yours or use in your content, you need a paraphrasing tool to do so. 

Paraphrasing tools can be applied when making an assignment, essay, dissertation, or academic work. 

Or you can use this tool for making new content if you are a blogger or a content writer. 

As we said, anybody can use this tool. 

Moreover, paraphrasing tools improve your writing style and make your content more creative and good looking without changing the meaning. 

So, you understand that you do not always have to copy somebody else’s content and make it yours through this tool. 

You can enhance your content and be blooming in your career. 

How does Quillbot be the best paraphrasing tool? 

Since Quillbot is an AI-based or web-based tool, it makes work easier, faster and more convenient. 

Moreover, Quillbot has seven modes for paraphrasing, which lets you paraphrase content according to your writing style. 

The seven modes are – 

● Simple

● Fluency

● Creative

● Standard

● Shorten

● Expand

● Formal 

Each mode is used for each convenience. So, if you are working on a formal matter, then choose the formal mode. 

If you want to expand your content length, choose to expand mode. If you want to shorten your content length, choose to shorten mode. 

If you want more creative content out of your non-creative one, then choose creative mode etc. 

How does Quillbot function? 

In order to know how you can actually use Quillbot, you need to check out the steps that are given below. 

It is easy and convenient to use Quillbot, people still get confused when they have to use it. 

So, take a look at the given steps – 

● Go to their official website link through this official link. 

● After that, you can either do a sample text try Or just copy-paste your content from wherever you have written it or have it stored. 

● Once you do this, you just need to click on a paraphrase. 

● You just have to wait for a few seconds while it does the job. 

● After that, you will have your paraphrased content made and given to you. 

You can also directly write your content in the box and then check the paraphrase and submit or download or publish. 

Also, do not forget to choose the type of mode that you want your paraphrased content to be in. The options are given at the top. 

If you are working in the free plan, you would only have three modes given to you – creative, fluency and standard. 

So, before you go for the paraphrase services by Quillbot, check out the Quillbot pricing too. 

What is the Quillbot pricing system? 

Not everything comes free, right? Although the best paraphrasing tool – Quillbot, has a free plan under it, you would not get all the benefits under the free plan.

Besides the free plan, it also has a premium plan which is outstanding because it includes all the services and benefits. 

The free plan would give you just three modes, and the limit for paraphrasing is 400 words. 

Since it is a summarising tool, the limit for that is 5000.

If you opt for the premium plan, you have three options – monthly subscription, yearly subscription or six-month one. 

The monthly one goes for 14.95 dollars amount each month. The six month or semi-annual one goes for 59.95 dollars every six months.

And the yearly one goes for $79.95 per year, which would be $6.67 each month. 

Moreover, if you do not like the premium plan services and want a refund, you can ask for one, but you need to do it within three days.  

Conclusion – 

First of all, thank you for staying till the end of this page as we asked you to. 

As we said, we have explained everything about the Quillbot, including the Quillbot pricing system. 

The Quillbot pricing is quite affordable; the tool is super beneficial and easy to use it’s services. 

Therefore, we hope you have no doubts left, and everything is clear to you as we have talked about everything you wanted to know of. 

So, since we are at the end of this article, we hope you liked it and found it helpful as well.