Today we talk about packaging and how it can play an essential role in your marketing strategy. The packaging is one of the leading การ ทำการ ตลาด ออนไลน์ (which is the term in Thai) tools when it comes to impacting the user for the first time when what they have bought arrives. It affects you long before the product even. The packaging is that cover letter that sometimes goes in tune with what is stored inside. And in others, it is far. Come on! That you can create expectations and then be a “scam” of product.

But that is not what anyone wants and expects. On the contrary, the better the packaging, the better the product and, as a consequence, the brand. Or that is what the human mind usually deduces. With this, you can imagine the importance of packaging for businesses that need packaging for their products.

Does It Work Or Not?

But I don’t want to talk about packaging in general because I would be getting into a world that I have not yet mastered. Although I have bought a kind of Packaging Marketing essay called “Marketing and sale of consumer products through packaging” that I just started reading today and hence it gave me a nod to the subject. Also, I do not see that it is a topic that is very important, and I think it does, especially since we are many who like to be surprised by that box that wraps our order. Or not?

Well, there are different formats that within the packaging world offers you a very interesting customization margin and also, its price is nothing from the other world. Many times some people in charge of the Marketing of companies, not all but some yes, do not notice the importance of packaging. First, because they are not aware of its usefulness, effectiveness, and the impact it has on the user, and then, because his mind only conceives it as “one more expense.” And nothing else, look no further.

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