The recent market has seen a tremendous rise in the growth of hacking agencies for digital marketing. It is a very saturated business, so the competition is too high.

In this article, we will look at a few top growth agencies serving the best strategies for different digital marketing for real estate, fintech marketing agencies, edtech marketing agencies and many more.


  • Voxturr is considered one of the best growth hacking agencies and was founded in 2018 by Manish Tahillani – Founder & CEO, and Gaurav Lakhani – Co-Founder.
  • It has provided a wide range of business expert tricks for every business on digital platforms.
  • Voxturr is founded by passionate young entrepreneurs with the best business marketing strategies.
  • In three years, Voxturr’s marketing plans have boosted their growth from a two-member start-up to a family of more than 30+ experts and professionals.
  • Voxturr presents various creative and innovative strategies with numerous professionals’ help of advanced technologies.
  • The primary key to their growth is the consistency they maintain in their work to ensure proper functioning.
  • When asked about the meaning of the name, it suggests growth. Hence, they drive the utmost effective results when considered a growth hacking agency.
  • The headquarters of this institution lie in San Francisco and Gurugram, which brings both nation and interaction reach to customers.
  • The employee size of Voxturr is around 11 to 50.
  • People with ambitions and dedication join Voxturr to become one of the leading entrepreneurs in this competitive world.
  • As it is a company of young individuals, it motivates and helps develop a business mind for the coming generations.
  • Voxturr encourages teamwork, which helps individuals understand the importance of meeting the common objective of the company.
  • It benefits the user by providing services such as Growth Hacking, B2B Marketing, SaaS Marketing, Pre-Launch Marketing, Webinar Marketing, Marketing Automation, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Pay Per Click Management, Marketplace And Ecommerce Marketing, Business Process Automation, Business Intelligence & Analytics.
  • Partnership plays a significant part in the growth of hacking agencies, whether it is using digital marketing for real estate, fintech marketing agencies, or edtech marketing agencies.
  • Several known and reputed brands that are clients with Voxturr are
  • IBM, 
  • Dell, 
  • NTT, 
  • America’s Best Value Inn,
  • Sodexo,
  • Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator,
  • Workly,,
  • SpeakingHerbs,
  • CCell,
  • Ubora,
  • SVIa, 
  • TYRESNmore, 
  • Energy Dias, 
  • intelligent contract,
  • OneFix, 
  • GetMyParts,
  • Rooted, 
  • One Fix
  • Neorent,
  • Workly,
  • Zeeva Clinic,
  • Techstunt,
  • Happily


  • It is another known brand of the growth hacking agencies; it was founded in 2017.
  • It is a New York City-based growth hacking agency that works with various excellent marketers and business experts for development and growth.
  • It has 30+ employees at its institution working dedicatedly.
  • The services provided by NoGood comprise a SaaS marketing agency, a Healthcare marketing agency, and Business-to-business brands.
  • It has dependable growth partners, which helps them to boost its growth over a span of four years.
  • The various clients of the NoGood growth hacking agency are Nike, TikTok, Microsoft, J&J, Amazon, P&G, and Steer.
  • NoGood promotes a tagline, “True data-driven growth. No fluff. High impact. No penny wasted.”
  • It has impacted heavily on people’s minds and has allowed them to increase their brand’s loyalty through this tagline. The customers trust them for the guaranteed promises they offer through this tagline and productivity.


  • Papertoaster is a growth hacking agency founded in 2012 and has an employee size of 8+ employees.
  • These employees are working together effectively and efficiently to make the company stand firm in the competition.
  • Papertoaster provides services such as Influencer Marketing, SME, and Growth Hacking.
  • The tagline that Papertoaster uses is “We help companies grow and scale.”
  • They have grown in the market with the help of proven fundraising and appropriate interaction with different customer groups.
  • They use various new technologies and multiple media for promotional campaigns and events.
  • Webinar marketing is a helpful tool for growth hacking agencies. Papertoaster ensures the use of this tool effectively.
  • Various clients of Papertoaster are JomPow, LifeStak, and Qiscus.
  • They are even active on various social media platforms. They are even known for creating several engaging posts and content through the page called 1Social to maximize the count of its customers.


  • Bamboo was founded in the year 2016 and has a band size of 10+ employees working together to meet the goal of the business.
  • Digital marketing for real estate, fintech, edtech, and SaaS marketing agencies is reaching its peaks, driving the benefits from them.
  • Its services are eCommerce, Growth Hacking & Strategy, Conversion Rate OptimizationOptimization.
  • The tagline for Bamboo is “We design custom growth processes for your organization.” Through this tagline, this growth hacking agency is driving an incredible customer increase for their business.
  • The clients of Bamboo are Flora Holland, Heppee, YO, Friday, and Info Support.

These companies have definitely acquired their position in the top growth hacking agencies in 2022.