United States Top Used Forklift Dealer

Global forklift sales are expected to reach $45 billion in 2021, while by 2030, they are expected to reach $82 billion. Thanks to these reputable forklift manufacturers, you can find the best forklifts on the market today. In 2022, it’s possible that forklift inventory and manufacturers will also have a successful year. 

Forklifts are used in various industries, including transportation and logistics, retail, manufacturing, construction, and food and beverage. To better their products in the future, prominent forklift manufacturers appear to be putting plans in place to use cutting-edge techniques and technology. Businesses will operate more efficiently and productively than ever before because of these firms’ contributions to the global forklift sector. Check out SunEquipment.com to know more.

Top Forklift Manufacturers In The USA!

The forklift industry is through a period of significant change, especially the Sun Equipment used forklift inventory is thus evolving by the day. Some firms have merged to establish new organizations. Others provide clients with a one-stop shopping experience by bringing different technologies together in a single location. Despite these modifications, the top forklift manufacturers list has remained mostly unaltered from the previous year.

  1. Toyota: This should come as no surprise to anyone. Toyota has long been the largest forklift manufacturer globally, churning out more than 700,000 forklifts each year all over the world. Columbus, Indiana’s Toyota Material Handling plant produces the world’s most forklifts and is America’s best-selling forklift. All of Toyota’s electric cars are renowned for their high levels of quality and dependability. Toyota manufactures a wide range of them.
  2. Kion Group: Europe’s largest forklift manufacturer, Kion, is also included. Lift trucks from Linde and Baoli are on board. For more than 150 years, Linde has been the world’s top manufacturer of electric forklifts. It caters to customers in the United States. Baoli is the second-largest producer of warehouse technology in the world, as well as a global automotive manufacturer. Diesel, gas, liquid propane and electric trucks are also available.
  3. Jungheinrich Group: More than 400 dealers offer Jungheinrich electric forklifts and lift trucks in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. They have order pickers, tow tractors, walkie-talkie stackers, and many more types of forklifts on the market. In addition, Jungheinrich focuses on narrow-aisle lift trucks in its product line to counterbalanced and lithium-ion trucks.


These are the best-known forklift manufacturers in the world. So, what distinguishes a forklift firm from the rest of the pack? It’s critical to keep everyone safe. According to OSHA data, 10% of all workplace safety accidents were caused by motorized industrial vehicles (a fancy term for forklifts,) according to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) data. Many manufacturers have thousands of incidents each year, pushing them to enhance forklift design to accommodate more dangerous situations.

Regardless of the most sophisticated safety design improvements and forklift safety features supplied by leading forklift manufacturers, having OSHA-compliant lift operators is the most critical aspect of reducing workplace accidents and injuries.