If you own an RV, you are aware that there are a few essential spare components that you should always keep on hand in case you need them. It is always advisable to be prepared for any eventuality, whether on the open road or in a campground. This is true at all times. Here are five essential spare parts that every RV owner should have.

1.   Generator

A generator is an essential piece of equipment for any RV owner. Whether you’re connecting to a campsite or dry camping in the middle of nowhere, a generator provides a dependable power source. It can power your RV’s air conditioner, refrigerator, and lights and charge your laptop or phone. It is critical to consider your power needs and requirements when selecting a generator. Portable generators are ideal for people who need to take their power wherever they go. However, a permanently installed generator may be a better option for those who spend most of their time in one location. Whatever type of generator you choose will undoubtedly be an essential part of your RV experience.

2.   Tire Inflator and Sealant

Tire inflators and sealants are critical for keeping your tires in good condition while driving. They aid in maintaining your tires, which can improve fuel economy and prevent flats. They also aid in sealing any leaks in your tires, which can extend their life and keep them performing optimally. While most tire inflators and sealants are designed for use with cars and trucks, some products are also designed specifically for RVs and trailers. These items can help keep your tires inflated and in good condition while on the road, making them a valuable addition to any RV or trailer.

3.   Leveling Blocks

Finding a level spot to park your RV is one of the challenges you may face when camping in an RV. It can be uncomfortable to sleep in an RV that is not level, and appliances may not work properly. A simple solution to this problem is to use leveling blocks. You can quickly and easily level your RV on uneven ground by placing the blocks under the wheels. Furthermore, if your RV is parked on a slope, leveling blocks can be used to stabilize it. They keep you and your belongings safe by preventing your RV from rolling. Leveling blocks are essential for any RV owner, whether you’re camping in a state park or in your backyard.

4.   Water Pressure Regulator

A water pressure regulator is a small, low-cost device that can save you a lot of trouble while camping. Many campgrounds have inconsistent water pressure, making laundry, showering, and dishwashing difficult. A water pressure regulator will help to ensure that you have consistent water pressure no matter where you camp. It connects to your hose and regulates water flow, so you’ll never have to worry about fluctuating water pressure again. A water pressure regulator is a must-have item for any camper, whether you’re staying at a campground with spotty water pressure or taking a cross-country trip.

5.   Sewer Hose Kit

Any RVer should have a sewer hose kit. It comes with everything you need to connect your sewer hose to the dump station, making the process quick, easy, and clean. A sewer hose, adapters, clamps, and a carrying case are typically included in the kit. Some kits include gloves, disinfectant wipes, and other useful items. If you’re unsure which kit is best for you, seek advice from a salesperson or another RVer. You’ll be able to empty your black water tank without any hassles with a sewer hose kit, which is always a good thing!

If you own an RV or are in the market for one, it’s critical to have the necessary equipment and accessories on hand to ensure a smooth and happy experience. We have a large selection of RV equipment and accessories at our RV dealership in Boise that will make your next road trip a breeze. Whether you need a generator, a tire inflator, leveling blocks, or a water pressure regulator (and so much more), Leisureland RV Center has you covered!