According to Doctor Robert Stravinsky, many Americans are suffering from chronic or awful, or persistent pain. There are many factors that could lead to chronic or dreadful pain. It could be as a result of;

  1. Certain conditions damage the muscles, joints, or nerves of the body. 
  2. Some underlying or fundamental psychological circumstances of the affected person, such as anxiety. 
  3. The person is depressed. 

Robert Stravinsky has identified that among many different kinds of treatment that could be meted out against awful pain, physical therapy is the most effective among them. Based on the assessment of Robert Stravinsky, it is physical therapy that could be used to enhance the range of motion of patients who have just been operated on. It is what people could use to make parts of their bodies to be flexible enough. 

Physical therapy has been proven to aid the strength of patients while also helping minimize all kinds of pain. The overall functioning of the body could be boosted with good physical therapy. It is also the best rehabilitation method that could be used to lessen so much dependence on medication for pain reliever.

Treating persistent pain through physical therapy could be carried out by simply having some combination of exercises. The kind of exercises that would have to be done by the patient is dependent on where the pain is coming from specifically and also the extent or severity of the awful pain. Doctor Robert Stravinsky listed some beneficial physical therapies or treatments that are inclusive of the following;

  1. Enhancing joint movement as well as increasing body flexibility by carrying outa range of movement or motion exercises. 
  2. Doing strengthening exercises so as to protect joints and also support muscles more. 
  3. Carry out neuromuscular reeducation so as to retrain or reorient chronically contracted muscles in the body. Neuromuscular reeducation could equally be used to rehabilitate the nervous system.
  4. Letting good therapists such as Robert Stravinsky take you through manual therapies could help alleviate muscle spasms and tension. 
  5. Making use of electrical stimulation to disallow transmission of the pain signals.
  6. Making use of either cold or heat therapy where applicable to minimize inflammation in the body. 
  7. Using traction to relieve or mitigate pressure on the nerves or stretch the muscles. 

And many other physical therapies. Learning from experienced physical therapists like Robert Stravinsky by going through his website is also another way through which patients can manage their habitual pains on their own. They would know what their lifestyles are to adjust and how they could prevent sustaining injuries at home.  

There are statistics and facts that prove that physical therapy is one of the greatest ways to lessen the symptoms of chronic or deep-rooted pain. Physical therapy has been proven to be effective in preventing the future occurrence of continuous pain. It is highly recommended to anyone who has been experiencing serious and awful pain to get an experienced physical therapist to help out. A customized and individualized therapy plan would be arranged for such a person. 

Doctor Robert Stravinsky assures that such an individualized treatment plan would go a long way to make the symptoms of the pain go and never occur in the future again. 

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