Managing money can be difficult, especially when dealing with a large amount. Money management skills are essential for personal budgeting and that of your business. Whether your goal is to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, build your savings or get out of debt, you will need a well-figured-out financial plan. You can use any of the spreadsheets discussed below to create a sound financial plan.

1.Google sheets

Google Sheets is one effective platform with which you can make your finance tracking process easy. Google sheets will help you create a customized budget spreadsheet or enable you to grab a ready-to-use template. Whether you want to manage your budget on a monthly or a weekly basis or you want a template to organize events like a graduation or a wedding ceremony, Google Charts provides you with numerous budgeting templates to choose from.

Moreover, Google Charts provides you with categories with built-in formulas that enable you to formulate expenses against income quickly. Furthermore, for a more detailed and predictive model for your payment, Google Charts come with pre-formulated charts and graphs. It is vast and enables you to filter expenses by category and send questions to your colleagues concerning various purchases.

2.Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the widely used templates by businesses and even by households with the aim of formulating viable budgets. Anyone can use this spreadsheet regardless of the complexity of the work they want to do. Basic excel skills will help you create your customized template, and if you want to go into more detail and achieve a more complex outcome, you will need additional skills. Microsoft excel is one budget template you can rely on to fit your vast financial needs.

3.Tiller Money

Tiller Money is an easy-to-use platform that enables you to streamline your financial accounts. This platform considers that entering your financial data into a budget can be demanding and thus goes a mile further to automatically update a budget template in google sheets or Microsoft excel with your expenses, income, and balances each day.

This is one significant benefit of Tiller money, as it helps you track your finances efficiently, which is a problem for many. Tiller money comes with an automated budgeting template, but you can create your spreadsheet at your discretion. This will add to you more flexibility in organizing the budget to meet your needs.

4.Personal Capital

Personal Capital is one platform that you can never overlook. It is essential as it enables you to optimize your money management in the event you have several income channels and investment accounts. When your finances become more demanding, you cannot rely on a basic budgeting template; thus, Personal Capital provides you with the solution.

On the other hand, it has a personalized dashboard in which you can link all your financial accounts to get a detailed picture of your finances. This dashboard also lets you track your net worth, which may be significant on various demanding occasions.

Finally, it is advisable to have various ways through which you can manage your finances. Lack of financial management can lead to bankruptcy and unnecessary loss of money. With this, you can choose any of the above templates in a bid to manage your finances effectively.

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