The best banks for personal banking today act more than mere facilitators of online money transfers. This article discusses the various features that you can find in today’s mobile banking services and helps you identify a bank that would be the best for your personal banking needs.                                         

  1. Prioritise savings

While choosing a bank or a mobile banking service today, you must check whether the bank offers enough avenues for you to save more. Let us take IDFC FIRST Bank’s example to understand this. By opting for an IDFC FIRST Bank savings account, you can save more with 3 of its features – monthly interest credits, a comprehensive savings account interest rate, and zero charges. Moreover, IDFC FIRST Bank’s safeonline banking app helps you budget better and thereby save more. You must opt for a similar bank account, that is geared towards helping customers save more.

  • Look  for increased accessibility

You must choose the right mobile banking service that allows you increased access to all banking services. This includes access to personalised investment opportunities, credit/debit card details (including the details of credit card repayment), details of personal loans, and even information regarding savings/current accounts. Your account balance, too, must be conveniently accessible through the mobile banking app.

Ensure that there are online and instant personal loans available The best mobile banking apps offer instant online loans to customers. IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile banking app can help you apply for their popular personal loans up to 1 crore. This increased accessibility, coupled with tools such as the personal loan EMI calculator which can be found on the IDFC FIRST Bank website, can help you take the right decision while researching online personal loans.

  • Do your online research: Browse through the bank’s products

You should spend some time checking the features of all products offered by the bank such as the credit card interest rates, the interest rate of the bank’s FD accounts, etc. You can also read up about the categories of loans offered by the banks, their respective eligibility criteria, and interest rates.

  • The lesser the fee, the more you save

In order to save more using your savings account, you must choose a personal banking account that charges minimal fees on services such as non-home branch transactions and other common savings account services. IDFC FIRST Bank offers “Zero Charges” on all savings accounts which means that more than 20 fees – including joining fees and ATM cash withdrawal – have now been reduced to ₹0! Such a feature can help you save a lot through your savings account.

  • Read about the bank’s customer service

The best personal banking apps offer seamless access to customer service. Customers can contact IDFC FIRST Bank’s customer service conveniently through their mobile banking app to resolve any query. You must read up about the bank’s customer service online before signing up for a bank account.

To find the best bank for personal banking, follow the six steps mentioned in this article and read about the features of the bank account in detail before signing up.