I know you have a Tiktok page that is struggling to get more likes and engagement. It is so? If yes then this article is created for you. You are on such a level that needs to get boosted. How to do that? Let’s describe what you do when you publish your post and after it. You might say that I just take an image and edit then upload it on Tiktok. But my dear, this technic is no longer work on this modern Tiktok, because there is a lot of competition and quality content or material. You need to do something different from others to grow more, to get cheapTiktok likes, and reach a high level of the audience. In the following points, I have described three major factors for making your page engaging without any investment-

  1. Fix schedule-

Yes, this is needed for your page. You might have thought will that make any sense for you and your community? Yes, that will. You are making your business on Tiktok that is important and you should focus on every single thing that is related to your business. One of them is your time of post publishing. You should make a schedule for your Tiktok post. In this schedule, you can publish ten posts per day or one post per week but the schedule should be followed. 

  1. Fan and audience-centric content:

After making a full-time schedule you always focus on the content only based on your fan and audience’s interest. Your content and post must not violent any rules and regulations of the Tiktok community and must not be against any religion, caste, etc. To give amazing stuff you should check your previous posts that were most liked and shared, and publish related to that. 

  1. Activities: comments and replies:

Posting a great and quality post routinely you can reach lots of people. Your fan always would like to interact with you through comments so you should reply to the comments. You might be thinking that how I can reply to every comment of every post? My reply is that you don’t need to reply to every comment or every post but give an activity according to your time, don’t ignore these things.

 Your post should have the best design and easy to get it. You should use simple and normal language words in your post, not tough words because this will not make your post engaging. Every single fan of you wants to get more content that you have provided and remained famous. So you should create such posts that are related to your famous and most liked post. This thing will give you more engagement and more love. If you have no other such posts then you need to first try how people react to your post or you can take a rough estimate from your peers’ posts. These things will give a boost to your page and make your page engaging.