The industrial market is at an essential moment in its history, the fourth industrial revolution, or “industry 4.0”. It is a real phenomenon, and its impacts can already be seen around the world same goes with the iiot technology. These impacts should be seen as an opportunity for those who have not yet adapted to this new technological context. To have the internet on machines, it is necessary to install IoT devices that will bridge the gap between machines and information. And how do IoT devices work? An IoT device needs to have instruction and connectivity.

INSTRUCTION of which function it will perform, which can be: MEASURE, DETECT, COUNT something in an environment, and send this information to a system or a platform, which may be inside or outside your company (in the Cloud, for example). You will also need to have the instruction of which frequency will perform these functions. Instruction of IoT devices refers to the necessary settings that will command the function it should perform.

How Can It Be Applied: To Monitor Equipment Productivity?

This possibility comes to shine in the eyes of managers in the area. With IoT sensors, you can take information from a specific machine and make decisions based on that data. Having information about the productivity of a machine helps make decisions regarding production time, whether more staff is needed, more automation, whether it is a process that can be improved within the product cycle.

Or, an example of an IoT application in the industry that we know very well is from one of our customers, where the objective was to know how much each machine downtime impacted overall production to carry out maintenance. Having this information in hand when you are asked that your team must deliver more, you can counter and act in defense of the team, and also, of course, you can identify the team’s weaknesses in the process and improve on that point. Having information makes you the protagonist of changes and improvements within your company

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