The Advantages and Disadvantages of Drug Testing


It would be best if you had in mind that workplace drug testing became an essential and mandatory requirement for decades. However, it is still a controversial topic for most organizations. 

Generally, employers want to know whether they can trust their employees, so they wish to protect the workplace before employment.

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You probably do not know how expensive the employment process is. The expenses can become even higher in case an employer hires someone who has drug-related problems. Remember that impaired people can create a less safe environment, which can affect other employees as well.

However, employees state that workplace screening is a violation of privacy. If you consider the employer’s point of view, we can differentiate various workplace screenings’ benefits and disadvantages.

Benefits of Drug Testing

  1. Promotes Safety

The best thing about workplace screening is that you will ensure that your business is safe as it gets. We have mentioned above that those employees that abuse drugs are posing a safety risk in the workplace.

This is highly important if you operate safety-sensitive jobs, including operating machinery, handling hazardous materials, and driving vehicles, among other things. Imagine that someone drives a truck impaired, for instance.

That particular someone is not just putting himself at risk, but other drivers as well, which means that chances of accidents are more significant than usual.

It does not matter what type of industry you own because workplace accidents can lead to severe injuries, even fatality, which will take too much money from your company. As a result, you will expose your organization to a wide array of PR issues and liabilities.

  1. Prevent Legal Liability

In the case of a workplace accident, you need to face liability issues as an employer. This is especially important because you failed to maintain a safe working environment, one of the most critical aspects.

Therefore, if you neglect a screening at work, you cannot identify employees posing a risk to your entire organization due to current impairment or regular abuse.

That is the main reason why you should implement a drug-testing program that will allow you to prevent legal liabilities and keep your working environment as safe as possible.

Remember that screening can help you minimize workplace accidents, which will prevent the legal liabilities that can happen due to personal injury cases or other issues.

  1. The Best Way to Help Employees 

Even though most companies decide to fire someone with abuse issues based on their zero-tolerance policy towards alcohol or drugs, you should know that some employers tend to give second chances to good workers and employees.

Some companies that already have established screening policies can help employees who fail a test, especially if you wish to allow them to cure to return to a position. 

As a result, you can help your employees by getting them into rehabilitation or recovery programs. That way, you can make sure that your indispensable employee gets clean and drug-free, which is a great incentive for other employees with similar issues.

You will boost your workplace’s morale, which will help you improve the overall productivity, among other things.

  1. It Is Not Invasive 

Most people think that drug screenings require blood tests, which use needles and can cause some employees. However, blood tests are not standard in workplaces due to expensive price tags and invasive methods that can cause your employees’ problems.

Instead, you can choose other types, including urinalysis, hair analysis, and oral swabs that do not require invasive methods and procedures. They are simple to administer and will provide you accurate results based on your preferences.

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  1. Increase Overall Productivity

It is essential to understand that you will reduce the number abusers if you are implementing regular screening. As a result, you will reduce the potential accidents that can cause severe issues to your organization.

A safe working environment can motivate your workers, which means that they will become more productive than before because you are doing everything in your power to maintain the overall safety of everyone.

According to reports, organizations with comprehensive testing programs have reported a significant improvement in employee morale and job performance. Simultaneously, accident rates will drop, which will reduce the legal liabilities that can happen as a result.

  1. You Can Screen Applicants before Hiring Them

You should know that pre-employment screening is one of the most popular options for employers, especially since you do not want to create a risk to your safe workplace environment.

At the same time, hiring someone with a history of drug abuse can lead to severe consequences to your business, including the drop of employee morale and paying a hefty price tag for rehab or injuries.

Most abusers tend to change jobs too often. Based on the studies, drug abusers tend to change their employments at least three times a year. 

You probably know that recruitment requires plenty of effort and money, which is why you should protect your investment.

Disadvantages of Drug Testing

  1. Unfair Suits 

Remember that drug testing can lead to unfair dismissal, which can pose a problem in particular states and areas. For instance, employees that fail a screening will have to handle a disciplinary committee, and in most cases, they will be fired.

The employee can sue your company due to it, which means you will lose money in the long run. Remember that lawsuits are expensive and will take away both focus and time from your business.

If you wish to prevent this particular problem, you should implement a relevant and transparent drug policy.

  1. Additional Expense

One of the most significant disadvantages of drug testing includes the expense of handling the program with ease. 

You need to fin drug-testing companies, sign a contract with them, which will require research beforehand. It would be best if you could check out the NTA hair follicle drug testing company, which will help you understand the overall process before you make up your mind. 

At the same time, you will have to consider a delay that comes with the initial and confirmation test, which can affect your current situation.

That is the main reason why you should find a drug testing company that works with laboratories so that you can conduct both initial screening and confirmation at one place on time.