A brandname audit could be regarded as brand insurance. Whenever you consider the brands that dominate our cultural landscape, like Burger king or Apple, they’re immediately recognizable through the golden arches or even the silhouette of the apple having a bite from it. But, there are more attributes that enter in the brand which are more subtle – and important to the prosperity of the company.

Within the situation of Burger king, an intricate network of franchised locations all stick to the corporate guidelines on store layout and d&eacutecor, uniforms, promotions, menu products, food quality, and much more. For any store like Apple, in which the experience is extremely important, branding involves ensuring wait occasions are inside the needed limits, which associates will work from the needed “script” when addressing customers.

A brandname audit can be carried out in every situation – to safeguard the company and be sure that employees, signs and ads are remaining on-message.

Exactly what is a brand audit?

&bull A brandname audit is exactly what occurs when an auditor is distributed to some place to see whether your brand has been correctly given to customers from your employees, resellers, and franchisees.

&bull A brandname audit determines whether your advertising, marketing and processes are aligned using what is really being performed in the area.

&bull Brand audits could be overt or covert, based on your objectives, and they may be performed within the shopping and dining space – or perhaps in the rear office.

&bull Brand audits are conducted via surveys, recorded telephone calls, and hidden video. Who requires a brand audit?

All companies should monitor those things which go into fulfilling the company promise. For many, this can be a relatively easy task. For other people, with multiple locations along with a popular of employees who communicate with the client, the job becomes a lot more complex.

Below is a summary of vertical markets in which a brand audit is becoming an extremely important component of the trademark management process. During these verticals, 3rd party vendors are frequently searched for. These contractors can help to save the hiring company travel expense by using auditors geographically near to the places where the audits is going to be conducted.


For retailers, the shop May be the brand, together with everything it has. A brandname audit inside the retail space is often as simple as ensuring a restricted promotion has been correctly performed, or as difficult as auditing design of the entire location. Other common brand auditing questions include:

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