Through the years managing a think tank, I am unable to let you know the number of startup companies I advised or the number of strategic business plans I’d read that revolved around renewable power. A number of these youthful entrepreneurs believed that these new types of energy would save the earth, and alter the planet, plus they wanted to obtain it. A number of which was opportunism and avarice, and a few was genuine desire for something bigger than themselves, as they were brainwashed into believing so by their socialist professors of academia. Okay so let us talk we could?

One factor I observed was that wonderful these youthful entrepreneurs chasing renewable power money flows originating from our government isn’t that a number of these concepts were eco-innovative energy strategies, devices, or generation apparatuses that have been efficient, renewable, or reliable. Exactly what do I am talking about with that? Well, solar isn’t everything reliable, which is already 50% inefficient before it starts, since the sun does not shine during the night. Wind power is not really everything reliable either, because sometimes the wind does not blow, and if you do not trust me seriously here towards the California desert, there is a city nearby with a large number of wind generators, and often they sit idle for several days.

Further, what a number of these youthful entrepreneurs did not understand could be that the money put aside through the government of these eco-innovations was virtually already ear-marked to circulate for their buddies through crony capitalism exploits, not for free-market capitalism and startup entrepreneurs who weren’t within the right group. Possibly they did not have buddies in high places simply because they did not visit Harvard, Stanford, Yale, as well as other college. Possibly these were born in to the wrong family, or did not have big buddies in big government. This is the reality, it’s known as crony capitalism also it hurts entrepreneurism.

Now then, my advice to begin up entrepreneurs at this time would be to ignore chasing United states doe grants or guaranteed loans, they’re drying out rapidly, plus they will not provide you with a contract, grant, or perhaps a guaranteed loan unless of course you actually have something which works, and you may prove it. After a little major mistakes within the funding of recent energy technologies, everything virtually ended the way i expected, so we can blame crony capitalism for your, along with the cheerleaders and entrepreneurial startups who thought they would alter the world because they were convinced by their socialist professors this was the clear way of the long run.

Renewable power concepts have been in existence for a lot of decades, each decade the federal government proclaims the long run will finish using non-renewable fuels, along with a new trend of unpolluted, reliable, and alternative energy – unlikely – read “Physics for Future Presidents” by Robert Muller. Why don’t you return and browse a few of the magazine articles in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Regrettably a number of these modern entrepreneurs haven’t studied their history, possibly they are not teaching that in schools any longer. Please consider all of this and think onto it.