I have been doing research on women entrepreneurs. Proceed, consider one… that isn’t Bobbie Brown or Vera Wang or any other goddess in our generation leading another fabulously girly business. Within the hi-tech arena, you may consider Carly Fiorina with the press surrounding her tenure @ Hewlett-Packard, but I must let you know, women launching and running companies (about 50% of these, actually) are not considered entrepreneurs.

Will a person need to launch a hi-tech business that need considering a business owner? Here, ladies have single-digit percentages from the total field of hi-tech and science based C, and VP level positions. We do not seem like Mark Zuckerberg, we do not behave like Jesse Trump, and have a tendency to talk very differently in the “men” within the start-up bootcamps. We are really not as confident about our ideas, we do not tell nearly as good of the story as men about the way forward for our idea, so we aren’t good about removing freebies from your vendor and partner relationships.

We all do, however, create wonderful work environments that promote lengthy-term revenue growth and collaboration with this clients and our proper partners. Performs this serve us over time? Difficult to measure, however, in my opinion, I have seen a lot more men feel the shooting star effect than women. Actually, should you check around you – exactly what does a business owner look and behave like – most everybody flashes towards the night time pizza/beer shot more than a computer – avoid an infant within their arms. (Great article from WITI.)

I must state that I am visiting a transfer of this societal look at entrepreneurs. Just a week ago, I attended an ops meeting in a pre-launch start-up and also the founder’s nappy bag was around the counter near the door. Mother came to obtain the little guy before we dove in to the meeting, although not before all of us (men and that i) had an opportunity to coo within the next generation’s likely entrepreneur.

This isn’t a lady problem or perhaps a man problem or perhaps a societal problem. It’s a manifestation of the shift from the occasions, and there is only chance for all of us all whenever we invite women to experience at entrepreneurship.

What’s my point? Treat the small girl selling lemonade around the corner exactly the same way you treat the boy tossing papers – like a budding start up business owner. Treat the youthful female business leader inside your organization exactly the same way you need to do the person, and enable these to take part in your innovative culture. Me – I’ll focus on getting they to talk up and request more.