Those looking for Digital Marketing Courses in Pune are constantly faced with opportunities that ask for a range of knowledge, as well as robust experience across multiple channels. With this, those who are entering the area may be in doubt about what careers Digital Marketing professionals can follow. Check out the list of 10 profiles of Digital Marketing professionals who are in demand in teams of agencies and companies.

Digital Marketing Strategist

The person in the position of strategist will be responsible for coordinating a Digital Marketing team and developing the entire Digital Marketing plan for the brand across multiple channels, seeking to increase, nurture and convert the company’s leads.

Digital Marketing Analyst

Has generalist knowledge, that is, with notions and a certain mastery of the main marketing tools and channels. Thus, the Digital Marketing Analyst person acts according to the needs of the company and the size of the team.

Content Marketing Professional

As content has been one of the main pillars of the brand’s attraction and retention strategy, professionals focused on this area are gaining more space in the market. You need to know how to tell engaging stories, like storytelling, that convey the tone and values ​​of the business.

SEO/SEM Analyst

SEO Analysts are Digital Marketing professionals responsible for optimizing the website and branded content for search engines. These people understand the criteria of Google and other search engines. With this, they are able to create strategies to place the website and the brand’s contents in the first positions of the search engine in an organic way.

Social Media Professional

He manages the business’s social networks, planning the entire content calendar in order to maintain a close relationship between the brand and its followers. You can also use Influencer Marketing as a branding strategy on the networks.

Email Marketing Automation Professional

Email is a powerful tool for nurturing leads and brand communication. Email marketing professionals work by creating engaging texts, applying copywriting techniques and developing automated sending flows.

Analytics Specialist

Person with advanced skill in data analysis, allocated in the Digital Marketing team to define indicators, analyze metrics and present reports and insights to improve the performance of strategies. Digital Marketing professionals who work with an emphasis on other areas can also become data analysts, developing an analytical vision and mastering tools that allow data-oriented work in the team.


It is responsible for applying the brand identity in all visual pieces of the digital environment. In addition, these professionals care about the user experience in all creations and interactions in the company’s channels.

Brand Analyst

One of the best salaries in Digital Marketing goes to the role of Brand Manager. These people are responsible for managing the brand, ensuring that it is preserved and communicated assertively at all points of contact with the public.

Growth Specialist

It focuses on growth and conducts different tests and experiments in order to understand which strategies bring the best results for the business. Developing in this area is an interesting path for coordinators and strategists.

Now that you know the top 10 career opportunities, it is time to join the best Digital marketing courses in pune with placement and get your dream job.

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