Surveillance is necessary nowadays. Employees should be analyzed and evaluated by employee monitoring software and other traditional methods.

Work Examiner

It can be used on any device. It collects the data of the employees and acts as an employee monitoring software.

Employees generally don’t oppose employee monitoring software especially those that could be switched on and off according to convenience. The software if collecting some personal info than it can cause some trouble.

There should be a sort of transparency and some kind of control over employee monitoring software. If these also collect personal data from employees then it may cause a breach of privacy.

Almost every employee will respond negatively if he/she is constantly being watched over by the employer. This is a clear breach of privacy and can lead to inefficiency in work and create a negative workspace. The employee monitoring software by the Work examiner always keeps employee privacy and has set its limit.

Zones in employee monitoring

A Green Zone is a zone where monitoring is done with quality. It is mainly for preventing employees from sneaking and doing their work more efficiently. It deals with man-hours the employee usually put. If you need employee monitoring for this purpose then use tools related to the green zone.

Orange zone deals with basically three things:

  1. working with individual inefficient employee

It deals with an employee who has very little focus and gets distracted by petty things. Employee monitoring software will pinpoint the employee who wastes his/her time the most so the employer can deal with him/her attitude towards work.

  1. Detection of weak spots

If the work of employees is satisfactory and still the amount of work done by them is not generating any profits, then business processes of the company should be kept in focus. Improving scripts, maintain coordination, etc. Viewing logs will certainly help to detect spots that are weak and that are causing a lack of performance. Making employees happy and satisfied should be on the priority list.

  1. Leakers in the company

There may be some employees who are leaking information about clients. This can lead to the company name dragged into the mud and also could result in legal actions. Employee monitoring software is used to catch such employees and even protect those who are falsely accused.

 “Red zone” will be used in cases that are very difficult and are extreme. These problems if not tackled can cause problems that can disrepute a company or an organization. If there is a mole or a leak in the company or someone who is trying to breach user privacy, the software would help to catch him.